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Overview: Over Under Sportfishing (OUSF) has created a new concept in boat ownership. For the first time, new boat owners and prospective charter boat captains alike, will be able to place their new or used Mirage Sportfish into the Over Under Sport Fishing fleet of charter boats. The program is designed For private owners, to offset ongoing operating expense, by receiving income for charters conducted by OUSF on their new Mirage Sportfish. Boats put into service under the OUSF Charter Umbrella, will be entitled to all the benefits of the rest of the OU Fleet including:
Program Highlights
  • Discounted Insurance Rates
  • Offset Annual Operating Expenses – Participation in Charter Revenue
  • Wholesale Pricing on all most boat supplies & equipment
  • Dedicated Crew Available for Owner Initiated Fishing Trips
  • Year-Round Potential – We will help Move Your Boat South for the Winter if desired
  • Assistance with Maintenance & Upkeep
  • Tournaments – If tournaments are your cup of tea, OU’s Crews are ready for you!
  • Simplifying the “headaches” of Private Boat Ownership and Maximizing the “Benefits”.  Spend more time Fishing and Enjoying your boat!

The facility is available for either Full Time or Part Time Charter Service. If you are a Private owner looking to offset your operating expenses, then the Part Time Program is likely the best fit. The boat will be entered into the Charter Program, for a period of 2 years, at an agreed upon location(s).  To learn more about this program, please complete a “Mirage Sportfish Charter Application”.

Part Time Program – Designed for Prospective Private Sportfish Owners
  • Mirage Boat Owners participating in the Charter Program, will enter into a 2 year lease with Over Under Sportfishing, receiving income for all charters, at an agreed upon hourly or daily rate, conducted by OUSF. Payments are to be made monthly. Shorter term contracts may be available, based on the Location.
  • Financing: Owner will obtain their own financing for their Mirage Sportfish.
  • Location: Boats will be required to maintain agreed upon locations and dates, such that they can be offered out for charter.
  • Insurance: Owner must carry a rider, allowing up to 50 charter days, naming OUSF as additional Insured.
  • Crew – OUSF will be solely responsible for the crewing of all charters.  At agreed upon daily rates, OU Crew will also be available for Owner initiated fishing trips, including tournament fishing.
  • Maintenance – Owner will be financially responsible for all maintenance. Over Under will provide logistical support, advice and management of maintenance if requested by owner.
  • Other Expenses: Owner will be responsible for all expenses, other than those related to the running of charters. OUSF will be responsible for all charter related expenses such as fuel, bait, tackle, ice, etc. for the days it charters the boat. Owner will be responsible for dockage, maintenance, insurance, etc.
  • Crocodile Bay – Costa Rica
  • New Jersey
  • Outer Banks, NC
  • Key Largo, FL
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34' mirage center console
32 Full Rendering
34' mirage open flybridge