2007-04-29 - Bahamas, NC, Islamorada Fishing Report
Fishing in the Florida Keys remains steady, and we've been experiencing a nice stretch of weather. Inshore, sight fishing for cobia and permit is pretty good, with live bait being the key. Crabs for the permit and grunts for the Cobia. A few late season sailfish have been showing up and the yellowtails are hungry as usual. Offshore, the dolphin are starting to show pretty regularaly and the blackfin tuna are usually quite abundant. Swordfishing remains strong out in the Gulf Stream with either live bait or squid. Over in the Bahamas, we ran our first long range excursion trip of the season, visiting a lot of great places and good fishing grouns. We made our way to Long Island and Flyign Fish Marina, where we fished for several days with great results. The tuna, and dolphin were around in good numbers as were some late season wahoo. We made our way to Crooked Island, Diana Bank, and eventually Rum Cay, before ending up back in San Salvador. The Dolphin have moved in thick and 20-40# fish are very plentiful right now. We released the first Blue Marlin of the season at Diana Bank, and found the tuna, right where we left them at Long Island. Back in San Salvador, the Tuna have taken a break, but wahoo and lots of dolphin are around this week. Up in NC the Yellowfin are still snapping as well as the big eyes. Billfish are starting to be caught more regularly, and a few wahoo are around as well. The bite has been about 38 miles off the beach and on the rides out, we've seen a lot of MAKOS! Inside the break in the cooler water, Makos are free-jumping and chasing little tuna around. We haven\'t fished for them yet, but it would be a great bet to spend some time developing a chum slick and putting a few baits out for em.