2007-04-15 - Bahamas, Florida Keys, and North Carolina Fishing Report
We'll start things off in sunny Islamorada, where had a great week of fishing on the PRETTY WORK. Things really picked up, as a late season Sailfish bite turned on, as well as some great Cobia Fishing. Offshore the dolphin have started to move in and some nice wahoo are being taken here and there. The reef, which has been very productive all season, has been a bit hit or miss, and the King Mackeral are still around if you can find some live bait, which has been a bit of a struggle lately. All in all, it's been a pretty good week, with a lot of diversity and different options out there on the water.

Over in San Salvador, Bahamas, the fishing is nothing short of spectactular on the LOW PROFILE. It's probably the best consitent bite, we've had in 5 years. In one day, we had billfishin, tuna, dolphin, and wahoo all mixed together. That's about as good as it gets. The tuna have been quite large by Bahamas standards, going 40 to 100 pounds, while the wahoo have been averaging 50-80 pounds with a few bigger ones here and there. In one pass this week, we had a triple header with a 70 pound tuna, a 30 pound dolphin, and a 50 pound wahoo! The sharks are getting there fare share, but mutiple hookups have been the name of the game, which makes getting one or two to the boat much easier.

Up in Wanchese, North Carolina we got a few trips in this week, with mixed results. The red hot action that was going on a week ago, has slowed a bit, but plenty of tuna are coming to the dock with some wahoo and billfish mixed in here and there. Our best day was yesterday, when the JUSTSIFIED went 8 for about 15, catching 7 yellowfin to 60 pounds and one Big Eye. Most of the action is at the Point, a nice easy run out of Oregon Inlet.