2007-02-11 - Morehead City Bluefin & FL Keys Fishing
Morehead City Giant Bluefin: Season Recap We began fishing the first week of December this season. The first two fish to be caught were estimated at about 70 inches and released. The second week of December brought a school of much larger fish and the fleet began putting them in the boat. From December 8 to December 23rd, we managed to boat 8 fish. January prooved slower, as we only boated another 2 fish. On a couple occasions we had triples and doubles, and we also had numerous other bites and pulled hooks. The action was pretty good this season. Not red hot, but good enough to keep everyone busy and thinking positively about their chances. The smallest fish we boated was 375#, the largest 690#. The largest fish we know of caught this season was 785#, although several fish were battled, only to be lost for 3-4 hours. For sure there were some 800# plus fish swimming around this year. All our bites came on skirted horse ballyhoo, about half on top, the other half on deep planer rods. With this fishery become more and more popular with our customers, we will likely have two of our boats on scene next season. Islamorada, FL: Beautiful weather, fishing ok We experienced some Summer like weather this week, with temperatures in the 80s and hardly a breath of wind. Bait continues to be plentiful, but as we move later into the season, they are getting a little boat shy and wise to our ways, so we are having to work a bit harder filling the livewells in the morning. The King Mackeral bite has been great, with limit catches the norm this week. Cigar Minnows have been the bait of choice, and once we locate the school, the action is non-stop, with 2-3 fish hooked up pretty much constantly until we decide to give it a rest. The bottom action was slow this week. We were able to catch some Yellowtail Snapper for dinner, but had to work pretty hard to catch a dozen on one trip this week. Lack of wind, current, and absolutely beautiful clear blue water wasnt' helping the bottom fishing conditions. On Saturday's trip, after loading the box with Macks, we decided to try our luck at Sailfish. The action off the reef was slow, so we stayed in on top of the reef site fishing. The sails were chasing ballyhoo around, and as they would push the bait up to the surface they created "bait showers" which were our sign that there was a sail in the area. We then ran to the area, with Capt. John up in the tower spotting the fish, and casted live ballyhoo at them. We probably saw about 12 fish, managed to cast baits right in front of about half of them, but not a one wanted to eat. Another cold front is approaching today, so we expect the bottom fishing to pick right back up, and hopefully the sails will decide it's time to eat! Over Under Adventures Boat Locations: This is where OUA's boats are fishing right now and for the next couple months: LOW PROFILE: Left for 4 months in the Bahamas this week PRETTY WORK: Bud n Mary's Marina, Islamorada JUSTIFIED: Oregon Inlet, NC starting in March THAT'S RIGHT: Our new 2007, 50' Evans being delivered in March, and will start fishing in Ocean City, MD in April