2006-10-17 - Final 2006 Canyon Fishing Report
Over Under Adventures ran it's final trips this past week, making the most of the opportunity and getting in 5 trips over the past 7 days. While the weather wasn't perfect it was fishable the entire week. We started out the week on a day trip last Tuesday, hearing of a good overnight bite in the Wilmington, we headed that way, but only managed 1 tuna bite on the day troll, and eventually worked in shore and put about 10 dolphin in the boat. Back out on a series of overnights, we pointed the Over Under in between the Wilmington and Baltimore, trying to stay a few miles ahead of the break that was pushing south about 8 miles a day. We quickly realized we were in the right water, when we spotted yellowfin up top and quickly went 1-2 on the troll. Working a bit further offshore towards the 100 fathom line, we found a school of longfin and put one in the boat, and quickly got a wahoo bite in that same area, just as the sun was setting. We set up for the night in 100 fathoms, just offshore of where we had the troll bites and the fish stacked up quick under the boat. We caught them consistently from 8:30 till we left at 2:00am and had all we needed. Thursday night we spent at the dock, then were back out Friday evening and decided to chase the same batch of water to the South. This time, we started in the Bight of the Baltimore and found a nice temp break and a school of Longfin. Working along side Capt. Tim on the Bodacious we managed to put 4 longfin in the boat before dark, then ran South looking for the same water we sat in 2 night previous, while Bodacious made the call to stay put where we had the longfin bite. We ended up 3 miles north of the Poormans where we dropped the hook again. This night the fish were not nearly as aggressive. We picked a few here and there and marked them all night, but they seemed to have lock jaw. Eventually we did jig a couple, but they just didn't want to bite. Well, at about 3:30am that changed and they turned on for us real good. We put 15 in the boat from 3:30 to 5:30, making a total of 22 for the night, before heading for the barn with the box full. Weather was beautiful Friday night and we had some good company, with the Boss Lady, the Little Debbie and Hooked Up II all working the same area. Turned out Capt. Tim had the great yellowfin action right where we had the Longfin bite, without the run South...nice job Tim. So, back out on quick turn we go, chasing the water further south again. This time we start where we left off a few miles north of the Poormans and start trolling down the 100 line looking for the break. We found it about where we thought it would be, in the north side of the Poormans. So we continued trolling south, getting out in front of it about 5 miles and were about to set up when 2 lines started screeming (it's pretty much dark by now), and we quickly put 2 nice yellowfin in the boat. We got set up in some very sloppy conditions, it was probably blowing 20-25 I guess and within a half hour had our first fish on the chunk. Sounds pretty good right....wrong. Didn't have very much action all night. We marked fish the entire night down deep, but they would not eat. We tried everything, but it didn't seem to matter. We caught a couple here and there and at 6am we caught our last fish and decided to go troll inshore a bit on the 40 line where there had been a real good bite the afternoon before. We had a bite almost immediately, but pulled him off at the boat, then got covered up with dolphin, boating 6 about 15 pounds. Our time was up and we headed to the barn with a handful of tuna and dolphin for our efforts.
Ok, so now what....got one more trip to do on a turn around again. We either chase the water south (down to the south poormans or further probably), or go to the baltimore, or...well, we decided to go back to the well, and head to the Lindy, where we'd been fishing a good bit this year and doing pretty good on the tunas. We had a fresh report, so we felt good about it. Upon getting there, we talked to a local boat we know, that had a couple bites before dark and once again, everything sounded pretty good. We anchored up in 550 feet of water, got our spread set, and waited...and waited...and waited... It turned out to be a really nice night out on the water, which was much appreciated after Saturday night's a.. wooping. I think the first bite came at 3:30am finally. It was not hot and heavy, but we did get enough bites to put a decent catch together, and pulled the hook on a keeper sword at the boat. We felt fortunate to come back with a handful of tuna again, as many of the other boats around us didn't catch that night.
And that's that. We are now making preparations to head to the FL Keys and hook back up with the Pretty Work and Capt. John Oughton, who left yesterday. We'll have both boats fishing in Key Largo and Islamorada until February, when the Over Under heads to the Bahamas until June once again. Looking forward to another great canyon season in 2007.
Tight Lines,

Capt. Trey and the Crew of the OVER UNDER