2006-09-24 - Sept. 23rd Weekly Canyon Tuna Fishing Report
It was another busy week for Over Under Adventures. Between the Over Under and the Pretty Work, we ran eight trips this week. The Pretty Work ran all day trips while the Over Under ran all overnights and both seem to be producing right now. The troll bite continues to be pretty consistent, enough so that the Over Under is leaving the dock earlier than normal on its overnights, to get in a few extra hours of trolling before dark sets in. The tradeoff has been an early departure, sometime after mid-night, from the fishing grounds, but the chunk bite seems to be best between sunset and midnight, so this schedule seems to be maximizing the catch right now. Lately the spreader bars trolled close in seem to be getting the most attention on the troll.
The week started off with the best trip of the season by far, with 11 of 16 fish caught on the troll before dark, then a mad dog bite of yellowfin from dark till 9:30pm, when we had more than we could keep and were releasing them for another 45 minutes, before heading for the barn at 10:30pm. The two other trips this week had consistent action both on the troll and chunk with about 10 tuna fish on average caught. One night, the Over Under had a school of 35-50# Bluefin Tuna under the boat for several hours and caught and released them till everyone was tired. This was the first time that anyone on board had experienced a Bluefin Tuna Bite of this type at night in the canyon. The areas we've been fishing has been loaded with live bait, both squid and sardines, which have been the bait of choice at night.
Down in Ocean City, the Pretty Work continues to put together nices catches of Yellowfin, with an occasional bluefin or wahoo mixed in. Some of the wahoo are going well over 50# and typically 6 to 12 yellowfin are coming over the rail per day. The fish are starting to get a bit larger with many now over 50# and into the 60-65# range. Over the next week or so, we'd expect that the concentration of fish should migrate from the Baltimore-Poormans area down to the Washington Canyon. Also, we're all still patiently waiting for the Longfin Tuna to show up. To date, the number of Longfin trolled offshore is extremely low and we're sure that when they show up, it will be in large quantitites. The Big Eyes should be right along with them too.