2006-09-16 - Canyon Tuna Report - Red Hot Action!
Over Under Adventures had a busy week as the overnight canyon season kicked into high gear. The OVER UNDER was out every night from Wednesday till Saturday, this week and found plenty of hungry tuna waiting for them. The week was plagued by bad weather and changing forecast, but the 54' Bertram managed the conditions and made the trips comfortable. The two best trips produced about a dozen yellowfin each, with between 20 and 25 total bites each night. One slow night resulted in only 3 tuna, but was made up for the next morning by a hot trolling bite, which produced 2 white marlin, a 67# wahoo, and a handfull of gaffer dolphin. A bonus 123# Bluefin was boated on the last trip this week, as the crew opted to stay on the chunk into the daylight and got a couple bluefin bites around 7:00am. The fish was fought for an hour and a half on a Penn 16 VXS with 40 pound leader and eventually boated. Out of Ocean City, the Pretty Work continues to pound on the yellowfin between the Baltimore and Poorman's Canyons. Saturday's trip was planned as an overnight, but after boating 16 yellowfin (one of which went 90#), and a 55" Bluefin on the day troll, the guests opted to go home and have sushi for dinner instead!