2006-07-30 - Over Under Wins Stringer Category in Jersey Shore Classic
We haven't really had a chance to let everyone know that we are back in NJ and fishing out of Avalon, but we did start fishing last week and were entered the Jersey Shore Classic this weekend. It was pretty sloppy on Friday, and Saturday morning wasn't much better, but we managed to put together 3 fish that won the stringer category. Our fish went 108/115/128. The biggest fish for the tournament was 139#, then a couple in the lower 130's won 2nd and 3rd.
Every fish we caught was 60-61"...they were all almost identical. We caught all our Bluefin on the chunk, although we trolled almost all day yesterday looking for some bigger fish, but only found yellowfin. We made a couple drifts late in the day to put our 3rd 60" fish in the boat for the 2 day event. Kudos to Sean Healy for putting on another great event! Thanks Sean.

Tight Lines,