2006-07-03 - Final 2006 Bahamas Report - June Blue Marlin off of Crooked Island
We've called it quits for the season and have all just returned back to the states after a fishing marathon in June off of Crooked Island. We spent the last 3 weeks of the season mostly fishing in and around Crooked, Diana Bank, and the Acklins. We had some great days, some good days and some slow days...that's fishing, but we did catch a bunch of nice Blue Marlin. Our best day was 3 days after the Moon in June, when we went 3-4 on fish estimated at 275/400/475. We also caught some of the largest tuna we've boated in quite some time, although we'd have liked to have seen a lot more of them. The big tuna all came off of Diana Bank, whereas most of the Blue Marlin came off the NW tip of Crooked Island. The bottom action didn't disappoint as we hit both the Yellowtail and Mutton spawns and had some great action in the evenings.
Should be getting a lot more photos as our customers send them in to us, but here are a few, and there are lots more up on the site all ready.