2006-01-22 - Giant Bluefin Tuna- 500# Boated by the Over Under
Bob and Joe boated their second Giant Bluefin Tuna of the week on Friday morning. Hearing of some decent reports from Southport, and continued slow fishing in Morehead City, they left at midnight Thursday, arriving in time for first light. The fish was battled for an hour and a half, on a Penn 130, before finally being darted and secured to the boat. Just the two of them on the boat Friday, so they had their hands full. They had to use a come along to get it in the boat, and back at Southport Docks, it took half a dozen people to successfully offload the fish. It dressed at 383#, making it our largest tuna of the season. This Sunday will be our last Giant Bluefin Fishing day, before the Over Under heads to Florida for some maintenance before making its way to the Bahamas for 6 months of Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin, and Marlin Fishing.