2012-10-15 - Tuna Bite Good - last Trips, call ASAP!
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This is the last email we will send for the 2011 NJ Offshore Tuna Season. The bite was very good this weekend. We had 10 tuna Saturday, lost about 8 others and boated a Mako as well. Boats fishing a canyon a bit south and closer to home did even better. We primarily had longfin tuna on the troll and yellowfin overnight on the chunk. It is definitely worth going right now. This is the best it has been since July which was on fire.

The weather looks like it will cooperate for a few more trips, maybe as early as Tuesday (tomorrow). We are running 22 hour overnight trips that depart around noon and return around noon the next day. Cost is $600, plus gratuity and we are running our 48' sportfish (JUSTIFIED). Trips go with six people, plus the crew. Right now we have trips all ready on the books for Wednesday and Thursday evening. The rest of the week is open, as is the weekend. If you want to get out, please email us your availability over the next 1-2 weeks, starting with tomorrow and we'll see if we can get a few more trips together. We are departing from Avalon, NJ for the remainder of the Tuna season.

Also, we are well into the booking period for our Striped Bass Trips. This season we are starting October 27th, just before the Full Moon and plan to fish till Thanksgiving. 5 Hour trips are $850 for up to 6 people and we also do an 8 hour trip at a rate of $1200. This is also on our 48' sportfish. We depart from Cape May and typically fish the Delaware Bay for the BIG ONES!

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