2012-07-22 - Tuna Fishing Update
Yellowfin Bite goes on...been at it pretty hard the last week or so. There is a consistent bite going on, almost entirely on the chunk/jig. We've been adding in some live-baits and kites when it's a bit slow to get a few more bites. Not sure how long this will last, but it's a heck of a lot of fun to catch 50 pound yellowfin on light tackle. We've caught between 2 and 17 per trip over the last week, with a minimum number of bites/hookups at about 10 to 30 per trip. We are getting the bites, boating the fish is not easy, given the light tackle required to get the bites...Looking for some new water to move into the canyons to stir things up a bit and bring us a new batch of fish, but we'll keep pounding out these yellowfin until they move on.