2012-06-21 - NJ Canyon Report
We are just back from a series of overnight canyon trips and wanted to be sure anyone interested knew about the great fishing that is going on off NJ right now. A warm water Gulf Stream Eddy has been pushing blue gulf stream water into the canyons and the early season bite is on!. In the last 3 trips we caught 35 Yellowfin, ranging from 20 to 55 pounds, most of them are about 40 pounds. We caught our first blue marlin (about 350 pounds) and our first white marlin of the New Jersey Season as well. We boated another nice mako shark of about 180 pounds as well on Monday night. The tuna are biting mostly on the troll, although last night we did have two shots at tuna on the chunk and went two for two and one for two. They hit both rods we had out both times they came through. They didn't stick around long, but the second batch was a big one with probably twenty yellowfin swiming around the boat. Pretty cool for June, huh? Hopefully our customers will send us some of the great video and photos they shot over the last few days so we can share.

Tight Lines,