2012-05-11 - NJ Tuna Starts in May

May 2012 - Tuna Season Starts Earlier and Earlier!

NJ Tuna FishingTake a look at the sea surface temperature chart below and you will see what has everyone scrambling to get ready to run offshore...close to 70 degree water in May!  We had planned two overnight canyon trips for this week, but unfortunately both got cancelld due to weather.  We will be back trying again next week, if the weather allows.  Reports of plenty of Bluefin and Shark action at night seem right on track given what we are seeing.  Whether or not there are yellowfin, big eyes and even some marlin in this water remain to be seen.  One thing is certain....Time to get your fishing trip set.  Coming off a banner season last year, looks like things will kick off even earlier this May.  We are running overnight canyon trips in May and June targeting tuna during the day and swords and makos at night.  check out the open boat schedule or give us a call to schedule your own small group charter for up to six people.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Trey

OPEN BOAT CHARTERS - Call us if you have 2-3 people and we'll try to schedule a new trip if you can't find one that works.