2011-10-12 - Tuna, Swords, and Monster 108 Pound Wahoo!

Awesome Action in the NJ Canyons Continues!

Yellowfin, Swordfish, and a Monster 108# Wahoo!

108 Pound Wahooit seems to only be getting better and better as we move later into October.  The full moon didn't seem to stop em from biting the last few nights.  We've run a lot of trips, taken advantage of some absolutely wonderful weather, the over the last 5 days.  Yellowfin action on the Jig and Chunk has dominated, but we did have a good bite on the troll too.  Yellowfin numbers have ranged from ma low of 6 one evening to a high of 34 Monday night.  Several trips were in the 12-13 fish range.  We have caught and boated swordfish on almost ALL of our trips, and even a White Marlin.  This last trip, when we had 35 Yellowfin was the first trip that we have not had good swordfish action.  maybe we were just too tied up with Yellowfin that evening, I'm not sure.  On Friday morning we were treated to a bonus catch, of a monster 107 pound 12 ounce WAHOO!  We had a second explosion on the short rigger after this slob bit, likely missing a second.  I'm pretty sure this is the biggest Wahoo we've caught up this way.  In the Bahamas, these size fish are a bit more common for us, but here in NJ, we don't typically see em this big.  From everything we see out there, we are going to have one of the longest and best Fall fishing runs in 7-8 years.  We may easily be fishing well into November for Tuna, Swords, and Makos.  We have not yet seen the Bluefin come into our waters, and there is  A LOT of warm, blue water still to our North-East, headed our way.  So it is NOT TOO LATE!  Try to get out if you can.  With the New Moon coming soon, fishing should remain productive, if not fantastic.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Trey

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