2011-10-02 - NJ Tuna Chunking on Fire


As predicted the combination of the New Moon and a warm water gulf stream eddy has produced some fabulous trips over the last week.  We have had one of our busiest weeks of the year, which we scheduled around the new moon in September which is always one of the best weeks to fish here in the NJ Canyons.  On our overnight tips we've caught 12 (half night chunking), 30+, 8 (day trip), 18, 22, 1, 25, and 4 yellowfin.  As you can see, some pretty great trips in there.  Of course it's still fishing and they don't bite every night and continue to move around a bit, but we've been able to stay on top of them pretty good.  On the slowest night, although the tuna didn't cooperate, we had six swordfish bites.  On the troll we are still picking away at a tuna here and there, a few marlin still around, along wtih some dolphin and every once in a while a big eye bite.  The main bite is on the chunk starting at dusk and often going ballistic from 4am till first light.  Dead and live bait as well as jigging has all worked well.  We are fishing exclusively light tackle setups, including penn 16's, 12's, 200 and 300 Torque jigging outfits, both conventional and spin.  It is an absolute blast to catch these yellowfin on this lighter tackle.

We are organizing trips every day the weather allows and if you don't have a group, you can join in with others on an OPEN BOAT TRIP.  Check out the details here and if you want to be on our short list to be notified as we add dates,  please email us.  info@overunderadventures.com  


dolphin fishing

Yellowfin on Spinning Rod!

limit of Yellowfin Tuna

Jigging Yellowfin Tuna