2011-06-29 - NJ Fishing - Big Eye, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Dolphin, and Yellowfin


white marlin fishingWhile fishing has not been as consistent as it was a couple weeks ago.  Great days with lots of memories are still there to be had.  Yesterday we took an open boat group out to the deep for a 22 hour full day trolling trip.  Departing at 1am, with lines in teh water just after sunrise, we hit it hard all day and it paid off.  When the smoke settled, we kept 6 Yellowfin, a 172 Pound Big Eye Tuna, Released an estimated 370 pound Blue Marlin, went 1-2 on White Marlin, and added three nice 20 pound Mahi to the box.  While the Yellowfin action was not red hot by any means, we had our shots, pulling off several fish and loosing another nice one at the boat after a lengthy fight.  Adding a Big Eye and a Blue Marlin in the same day, sure did make up for some droughts between bites on the yellowfin.

eyeballblue marlin

Big Eye Group

white marlin fishing