2011-05-22 - Cape May Drum Fishing Report

Cape May, NJ - Drum Fishing Last Two Nights

cape may drum fishingAfter a really good bite on Wednesday and Thursday night, the Drum took the last couple nights off.  As you can see, the fleet of boats out this weekend was pretty intense and the fishing turned right off.  A few fish were caught here and there, but for the most part they were a no-show for the weekend.  We marked them both Friday and Saturday, but they just were not cooperating.  Hopefully a little less boat traffic will get them back on the feed this week.

Pictured left you can see part of the "Drum Fleet" anchored up yesterday evening in the Delaware Bay.  We fished till 9:30, then called it quits, waiting for the change of the tide in hopes that they'd start biting for us.  Talked to several other boats out last night and everyone reported slow drum fishing.

We will continue to run Drum Fishing Trips and Open Boat Drum Trips, as long as it seems the fish are around.  We expect this to last through about the first 10 days of June.