2011-03-21 - Drum Fishing Trips


Drum FishingOnly a few short weeks away, and we will start targeting BIG black drum in the Delaware Bay.  Drum Fishing Trips in May out of Cape May can be incredible. The Drum Fishing Trips target 30 to 75 pound Black Drum by chunking clams.  Very much like tuna and striped bass chunking.  On our Cape May Drum Fishing Charters we typically use our fast 34' Center Console.  We are on the Drum Grounds in minutes and the full 360 degree walk around capability makes fighting big fish a breeze.

We typically run two 5 hour Drum Fishing Trips a day.  One during the day an the other an evening trip.  The Evening Drum Trip departs just before sundown, so we can be anchored up and fishing by dark.  Tides are critical, so we will adjust the departure times of our Drum Trips accordingly.

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