2011-03-14 - Bluefin Report in Hatteras, NC

bluefin tunaWe fished Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The fish are definitely still here.  It was pretty sporty out there Friday and Darrin managed to hook into a pretty big fish, that took some time to finally bring to boat side and release.  The fish was estimated in the 350 pound range.  Saturday the conditions calmed a bit and the fishing was on.  Fish were biting on the jig and the troll.  We released a couple jumbos and managed to find a small one at about 66 inches for the box.  Sunday was a bit slow for us with a few bites, pulling off a nice fish after a lengthy fight.  Some boats had em’ good, others didn’t’ yesterday.    This week we again have Rick Rosenthal in town for filming.  We have spots every day the weather is good between now and next Tuesday.  Spots are $350 per person (little more than before to allow us to get to the fish, now about 40-45 miles).  There is a chance we will only be fishing with only 2-3 people per day, so this is a great opportunity to get out with only a  couple people on the boat.  If you can go at all over the next week, please email and let us know your availability.  We will watch the weather and keep everyone up to date.  The entire week looks fishable, with Thursday/Friday looking like it may be pretty.

For more info, please call Capt. Darrin Directly, as I’ll be working all week, getting our 48’ ready for launch here in NJ for Striper Season.  Darrin’s number is:  252 305 1677.

Ps:  more and more reports of Yellowfin showing up as wellâ€Â¦