2005-10-05 - First Week of October - Fished 5 out of 6 Nights...NJ Canyon Charter Trips
We got a chance to take advantage of reasonably good weather and fished 5 of the last 6 nights. I see the results of the first of the trips on the board all ready.... We started off with our BEST trip of the season, limiting out on yellowfin about 2:30 I think, and having broke off atleast 10. Also added a five bagger of longfin and some bluefin I believe for a total of 24 tuna boated, and 1202 pounds of fish. We had tuna/porpoises/whales swarming around the boat all night...best conditions in 3 years for us. Next night, same spot...DEAD! unbelieveable....worst trip of the year for us. We fished from the Spencer to the deep of the Wilmington and back, looking for the same water...burned 200 extra gallons looking for the fish...no where to be found. ended up with a few fish in the morning for our efforts. Next two nights were a bit better, but not much. The fish did get a bit bigger as you\'ll see from some of the photos, and the longfin did start to bite on the troll. Tried a couple different canyons, but same results....not to our liking. We also had some bad luck, breaking off two really nice fish....either big-eye or swords I\'m sure. One dumped 3/4 of our 70 sword rod before we pulled the hook. Anyway.... So, off we headed south....way south for us (almost thought we were lost!), and sure enough, back on the fish. Boated 13, broke off close to as many I\'m sure. Great trip, lots of fish, decent weather again. Delivered some bait to some center console that looked like they needed a hand (just kidding!). Still haven\'t heard from them...maybe they are still out there! Have to give a special thanks to the boat PRETTY WORK, and Capt. John Oughton out of Ocean City. He put us right on the fish. FYI, if anyone wants to go catch a BIG EYE, CALL HIM RIGHT NOW (305) 481-6527! He had 6 from 175-245 two days ago, and caught again yesterday. Don\'t have all that many pictures...waiting for all our guests to email them to me, but here are the few I was able to get back at the dock. Trey