2005-09-25 - Sept. 25, 2005 - NJ Cayons Charter Fishing: 18 - 40 on Tuna This Week
The crew of the Over Under had 5 overnight canyon trips lined up for this week, managing only to get 3 of them in, canceling the other two, due to weather. The fishing was not what it had been, but still offered most anglers plenty of shots at tuna. In total for the three nights on the edge, the OU had about 40 bites, catching 18 tuna fish. Tough fishing conditions were the topic of the week. Full moon, ripping currents, and plenty of wind dominated this week\'s fishing trips. The OU anchored up twice, once deciding to go on the drift in the middle of the night to get away from the fleet. The third night the OU drifted off the edge away from the fleet, in pretty sloppy conditions. The highlight of the week, was a 76 Pound longfin taken on the chunk, that was just shy of the NJ state record. The fish was caught by Fisherman contributor Bill Pisarra, on our regularly scheduled Wednesday Open Boat Trip. This week, John Mikorski was the winner of the Penn 30 Graphite Reel. Squid became have become more scarce at night, and for the first time, sardines began to out produce squid as hook baits. Still most of our tuna are coming from 90-100\' down, but we did have the tunas up behind the boat on a couple of occasions and did also jig a few. There is no doubt that the fish are around in good numbers, but getting them in the boat has been a bit challenging. As the moon fades, and hopefully the weather improves, we\'re sure that more and more tuna will once again begin to come over the rail.