2005-09-12 - September 11, 2005 - Just Incredible!
Hot! Hot! Hot! That's the only way to describe the tuna fishing this week. The crew of the Over Under spent three nights in the canyon this week, and fished from the Tom's to the Spencer canyons. Final tally for the trips was 64 yelllowfin, 3 longfin, 15 bluefin, 15 dolphin, 1 mako, and 2 swordfish. The first trip was a double overnight with the Stawinski group. The trip got started out with some hot bluefin action inside the canyons. They quickly limited out catching fish to 110 pounds. The action was fast and furious with about 20 hookups in a couple hours of fishing. On the second night, with the boxes full, the group called it quits and we left the fish biting at 4:30am and headed for the barn. 21 yellowfin came to the boat that night before we left. The action on the next trip was even more incredible for the Doug Larsen party. Stopping on some numbers we had gotten the night before, we hooked up instantly with 2 100 pound class bluefin. The second pass produced a double header of 150 pound fish, while the next two passes produced single hookups with 150 and 100 pound class fish. In an hour and a half the group went 6 for 8 on big bluefin. To the canyon we then steamed, stopping on a school of 50 pound yellowfin feeding on the surface. The group quickly put 2 50 pounders in the boat chunking with fresh bunker. Anchored on our numbers from the previous night the group boated another 16 and released 12 for a final count of 30 for the evening. Still having some energy left in the morning, the crew put these guys back in the bluefin action. Once again the hookup was instant and a 100 pound class fish was brought boatside and released. The next pass produced the largest fish of the trip, an estimated 175 pound bluefin, brought botside nicely in 25 minutes by Seth Oldford with a Penn 70VS, and then released healthy. That was enough to pull em in and head for the barn. Look for pictures from these trips at www.overunderadventures.com.