2010-10-26 - Great Taug and Yellowfin Action
Saturday morning we had one of our regular tuna guys out on our 48' with his kids for fun morning of inshore wreck fishing. The bite was on! The kids had a blast catching tataug, one after the other, with the largest toping the scales about 10 pounds. This is great fishing for the kids, with drop and reel action, only a very short ride from the inlet... After tying back up at the dock, Joe jumped on the 55' and headed off to the canyon on an overnight. He can probably post more, but the night was slow from what I gather, but about 6am, the Tunas showed up in force, thick...real thick and were still stacked up under the boat when they left about 9:30. We had 3 young anglers on the boat, and they did quite a job on these yellowfin up to 70 pounds. I've had the privelege of fishing with this family myself and these boys can fight some tuna! Very impressive.... They boated 9 and dad threw up the white flag and they went off to find some dolphin to top off the box. Absolutely great trip... now we just need a break in the weather to get back out there!