2010-10-06 - Striped Bass Season Preview
Striped Bass Season is almost here and once again, we will be moving one of our boats to Cape May to take advantage of the great access to both the Delaware Bay and the Cape May Rips. Out of Avalon, we will also be striper fishing, along the beaches and inshore lumps. In Avalon we concentrate on trolling and jigging, while down in cape may, itâs mostly chunking with bunker while at anchor and live-lining eels, spot and other live bait, although jigging can work just about anywhere, anytime. The main run of bass should begin to show in late October, peak sometime in mid November, and be around till early December. We are all ready catching them in the back bays on flies and poppers, which we can do out of Avalon as well, with our Key West Flats Skiff, great for both blind and sight casting to stripers along the banks and in the shallows. In Cape May, we will have our 34â Mirage, and in Avalon, we will run our larger 48â sportfish for stripers. There are many tournaments we can participate in, so if competition is in your blood, give us a ring. Striped Bass Charters start at $350 and we typically run 4-6 hour trips .