2010-09-28 - Tuna Fishing Good - Inshore Too!

Had a short trip yesterday and decided to stick inshore and it paid off. With the forecast to be E/SE we decided to run south (due south)...well, that sorta didn't work out...about 30 miles out we ran into a brick wall of 15-20 winds DUE SOUTH...wtf... oh well, too late to change plans now. pulled er back and made our way down just below masseys. Had lines in just after sunup and before we had the full spread set the long rigger went down. It had been so long since we'd caught any nice tuna inside I figured we'd tangled or had a weed or something, but low and behold we had a 40# yellowfin! wow...great start. Put em back in, got turned back around, trudged back up sea...you know the drill and got bit again. then we did it yet again, with a double. These fish were smaller, but whatever...we'll take em. We decided to work towards the Hambone (our original intended destination) and got about half way there and the WWBack goes off and we are tight to a Bluefin which we boated (47"). Purple and Black...all the bites today pretty much. We worked the Hambone for a while, had a couple false albacore and small dolphin, and pulled off what seemed like another medium sized Yellowfin, then worked our way back towards Masseys and ended our day, back at the dock at 3. So, all in all, on a short day in sloppy conditions, we put together a pretty reasonable catch of Tuna, only 45-50 miles off the beach...been a while since i've been able to do that, and i like it!

Tomorrow we are back out to the edge on an overnight. We have 1 or 2 spots left if anyone wants to go. drop me a line at rhyne.trey@gmail.com

Tight Lines,