2010-08-11 - An Epic Day of Marlin Fishing

An Epic Day of Marlin Fishing

Well, we just had one of those trips to remember yesterday with all the marlin action we could handle. We started fishing in about 50 fathoms just north of the Carteret quickly letting a couple rat yellowfins go. And then it was on! We jumped off a white and then came tight on a monster blue which we fought for 3 hours which was let go with a healthy release. We estimated the blue in the 700 to 800 lb range, but who knows! Anyway after that the whites showed up in full effect getting as many as 6 or 7 on a time with all the tuna gear out. What fun! We had a bunch saw each other off and had unbelievable action seeing over 30 in about two and a half hours and releasing 9. It was one of those days I will probably never forget as they were trying to eat the baits dangling from the riggers. I have never seen anything like it as we were fighting 4 having 3 more behind the boat just waiting to eat. Crazy! Anyway we were fishing our tuna spread with all sea witches and ballyhoo and no teasers with a 14 rod spread trying to look for the tunas but we couldn’t leave the marlin action. Anyway this is just a quick report as we’re headed right back out for an overnight trip; hopefully with another good trip.  Some unbelievable fishing we have been having this year!!!

Tight Lines,
Captain Joe Trainor

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NJ Marlin fishing
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NJ Marlin fishing
NJ Marlin fishing