2010-07-16 - NJ Fishing Report
We had a short (too short really) day trip yesterday, which normally is designed to target bluefin. With the Bluefin scarce we made the extra run which got us to west wall of the wilmington. Started in 45 fathoms working towards the notch. Action right away was good with a white we jumped off, then a BIG Blue Marlin which we hooked up and fought for a while. Dumped about 3/4 of a spool on us in aheartbeat. definitely a big girl. Unfortunately we came unglued.... rest of morning we saw whites here and there, but no eaters...just window shoppers, with a couple dolphin mixed in. Very liittle bait, nothing like it had been a few days ago. No signs of tuna or anything that would hold tuna there unfortunately. Heard of a tuna fish caught over on the east side and some a bit above us at the tip, but honestly, I saw little that would make me go there to target tuna. If you want to go look for whites, another story.... for whatever reason, they are there. Almost all of our action was in 50 fathoms, or just inside or outside of it. Getting a big difficult to run these shorter trips that typically keep us 40-60 miles off the beach...really hoping the action on the 40 line improves, but we worked it pretty good to no avail yesterday...tomorrow is another day...

Tight Lines,

Capt. Trey