2010-04-26 - Great Dolphin fishing off Cat Island, Bahamas
Over Under just finished her first full week in Cat Island.  The bite started slow in the beginning of the week due to a west wind that came in causing the bite to slow down.  We managed to catch some dolphin but it was little harder than normal.  After the west wind the bite steadily improved.  The yellowfin are around. There have been some big ones boated, however, our biggest is still small at around 20 pounds.   We have had our share of large ones hooked up but the sharks had their name on them.  We managed a 30 pound head of what must have been an 80 pound yellow fin.  A few other boats in the marina have boated some nice sized ones.  A 60 pound yellow fin was put on the scale by our friend Randy on Cat Tales.  We ended the week today filling the box with dolphin. We had so many we were reeling away from the smaller ones (20 pounders) looking for something over 40.

The billfishing is steadily improving as we are getting a few shots a day.  On Tuesday we had a small white come up on the long rigger. Then on Thursday we had one jump off and had a blue pile on a lure only to throw the hook after the first jump.  It was an exciting bite.  

We are fishing hard for the next three weeks. We are focusing on the Bill Fish bite but we expect the dolphin bite to continue to be steady.  We may move around over the next week to check out the fishing in San Salvador and around Conception Island.   We look forward to another great week of fishing in Cat Island and the surrounding Out Islands of the Bahamas.