2010-04-21 - Cat Island OU Report
Fishing Tuesday was what we expected it to be…a hard west wind came on Monday and was fizzling out yesterday. It was enough to shut down the dolphin bite. Friday and Saturday the Dolphin were "Thick as Thieves". That being said we were able to box a few Dolphin over 15 pounds. We also raised a billfish on the long rigger but it never materialized. We were able to grab a few small yellow fins and black fins before the sharks snatched them up.

Wednesday we left the dock with light and variables hoping to see an improvement on the bite from the previous day but it was much the same….a slow go of it. Life looked much better than the previous day with frigates around but extremely shallow. They were probably over some horse-eye jacks or barracudas. Finally we found one on the edge and were able to hook one single dolphin. Farther down the line about an hour later we got into a group of them but had a hard time of it getting the other to bite. Throughout the day we were able to pick away at it boxing three dolphin and losing a few tunas to the sharks. The good news is we did see a fair amount of dolphin "window shopping" today and expect an improvement in tomorrows bite as the weather is only getting better.

Over Under Adventures
Capt. Thomas Neligon