2010-04-06 - Abacos Fishing Recap
Hey everyone Thomas and Joe out here in the Bahamas. We went Trolling on Friday with nothing to report but a Blue Marlin up in the spread that never came tight. All the reports were slow from the other boats as well. We were fishing the same area as a boat beside us came tight on a blue. From what I understand, that boat was the high hook of the day. The fishing has been improving every day with a slight slow down around the full moon. After a day of trolling on Friday we took the entire group out for bottom fishing and snorkeling on Saturday. Bottom fishing was consistent scoring some nice yellow tails and a few Nassau Grouper. The Groupers came on live bally hoo which were very difficult to catch that day. The snorkeling came after a couple of hours stop at the new marina Bakers Bay to show the yachts off to the girls. The diving in the Abacos is some of the best in the world. We went snorkeling off a few dive balls on the corner of Guana. I look forward to sending pictures but suffering from weak internet connection here in Treasure Cay due to the amount of people in town for the holiday.