2010-03-08 - Abacos fishing report - Blackfins

Abacos Fishing Report

I ’ m down here in the Abacos with the boss and his family this week.  We were able to get out on Monday afternoon the first day they arrived.  We headed out to the South Manowar cut and started on the edge of the curve there.  I passed some nice water there on my way back from Nassau last week and have heard good reports from other boats who have been fishing that piece of water.  We got in to some blackfins right away.  There were a couple nice sized ones that we picked out.  Knowing that there should be a break in this area we ventured offshore and found a nice piece of water.   Everything looked right as we had a two degree break and saw some nice bait showers.  Unfortunately we got there too late in the day so we were unable to give it much time.  On the way in we worked the edge towards our destination and were able to find a Wahoo that at some point became foul hooked making it a struggle to get in. And not before a shark helped himself to some of it!  We had a great afternoon of it.  We ended in Sea Spray Marina on Elbow Cay for the night.  Spent two nights on Elbow Cay and went over to Boat Harbor in Marsh Harbor for another two days.  Friday we quickly trolled the edge at slack tide with no luck but again we had limited time to fish because “ Bare Foot Man ” was at Nippers on Friday. 

We’re looking to get out on Monday afternoon. We have a busy couple of weeks coming up and I’m looking forward to doing some fishing with friends coming in from the Avalon, NJ area. 

Captain Thomas Neligon