2010-02-23 - Nassau - A week in review

Nassau Fishing Report - A Week in Review

Over Under spent the week in Nassau.  The weather broke on Sunday for Over Under to work her way to New Providence Island.  Monday was the first day of fishing.  It was a perfect day with no seas and no breezes … a day we have grown to somewhat despise.  Lack of movement and lazy water make the fish lazy too.  We put our time in pounding the edge through the tide change.  We had a big ‘ ole hoo on just coming off the edge.  This fish hit on the center weighted rod and was ripping line.  Unfortunately, this story ends in heartache as shortly into the fight the 400# shock leader was cut.  The most likely culprit was another Wahoo.  Sad to report but that was the excitement of Monday. 

Tuesday the wind picked up pushing the water up on the edge.  We got to work trying to improve the tally from the day before.  We quickly found some black fin tunas and grabbed two out of the school and ventured off of them a bit and found a nice surprise that came tight on the center cedar plug chain.  The first yellow fin tuna of the Bahamas season was about 25 pounds.  We worked the edge the rest of the day and near the end of the day one of the deep rods went off, then quickly after a surface rod went off.  We pulled in two 15 to 20# Wahoo ’ s.  Only about an hour left of the day we decided to blanket the same spot where we had the double header.  We worked the area and right when I was about ready to call it the right rigger snapped down.  A stud bull hit the billy bait bally hoo combo. Again it was short lived as he was hooked but it was so rough.  I watched him from the bridge jump out of the top of the wave and fall off the backside shaking the hook free the entire fall. 

We were back at it again on Thursday as we continued to explore the same haunts.  We found a couple of black fin and got two Mahi. One was a good size at about 20 pounds.  It was a hard fight as the seas were still rough but it calmed down as the day progressed.   Over Under received compliments from the customers about how well she handled the seas. 

Friday wound up being a half day which is unfortunate. Had I known that I would have left later in the morning to base the fishing around the tides.  Unfortunately the only thing to report is a barracuda.   Having some free time we cleaned the boat and made some plans for Saturday.  Knowing the weather was going to be off and on we decided to go fishing for fun.  Chris my mate in Nassau was going kite fishing on a Center Console with live goggle eyes in a spot that can be very productive just inside the edge.  My buddy Stan on his 60 ’ Hat “ April Fool ” invited me to troll for 3 hours along the edge, but I took the invitation from my buddies from NJ.  I decided to go fishing with my good friends from South Jersey who just bought at new/used 64 ’ Viking. They were sea trialing it during a little family vacation at Atlantis Resort. 

Of course I chose the newest, biggest and shiniest rig to hitch a ride on.  The plan was the wind was going to switch to the light south on Saturday morning thinking the Pocket would have the best chance for fish.  Well, we ran the 30 miles to Jolters Rocks on the south side of the pocket and started our day.  The plan being that we would cover some ground getting our bearings Wahoo fishing. There is no shortage of barracuda there! Every time we slipped up on the edge the Barry ’ s were waiting.  We had fun with it as we had two young girls, Madeline age 5 and Lucie age 3.  The two girls were quite entertained with all the action.  Having enough with that edge we pushed offshore slightly to see about raising a bill or picking up some dolphin.  As it goes … no luck.  The important thing is the girls had a good time and were well entertained. 

Stan on “ April Fool ” did well for the short time he was out as he had two Wahoo ’ s.  Chris who was kite fishing had two sharks and a King mackerel. He was really hoping for a Sail.

Sunday was the day for departure as we filled Over Under up and started my chug home to the Abaco ’ s.  We ’ re back now looking forward to some guests coming on Thursday.

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