2010-01-24 - Morehead Bluefin Season - We bid you Farewell

Well, it turns out the season wasn ’ t down here in Morehead. After both Justified and Low Profile fished this week  we have not had any consistent bites from the bluefins since December 20 th. There has been about 9 fish caught in the month of January from the entire fleet. Very sad to say the least. We all have our own ideas as to what may have happened but I definitely believe it has something to do with the sustained hard Northwest blow we had from late December till mid January. This blow pushed the break well offshore in places we never normally fish with the temp break near 30 miles. At this time of year we are usually fishing in the shallow waters between the knuckle and shad buoy. However to date they have been some of the coldest waters in the 48 to 53 degree range. We typically look for the 58 to 63 degree mark.

On a positive note we decided to do an overnight trip this week with two intentions … ..to save fuel and to also get in on the awesome bottom fishing action there is to offer here in Morehead.  We anchored up on the Atlas wreck with unlimited action from sea bass, puppy drum, grouper , red snapper, ling, sheepshead  and many other numerous species. We decided to keep the sea bass for table fare as the season is currently open down here. Back up on the troll in the am we came tight on a nicer fish which turned out to be a mako and was an unexpected surprise.

Well it seems we are going to wrap it up here and call it a season as it just doesn’t seem like it will materialize in the next week when the season closes. All in all I think both Keith and I feel very fortunate to have caught three fish each in such a slow season. I still love the fishery down here and every day the potential exists for your next giant bite……until next season!

Captain Joe Trainor