2010-01-18 - Navy Ships load up supplies for Haiti off Morehead City Port
Just a quick note…we are staying at Portside Marina in Morehead City NC and we are docked right next to one of the deepest, easy to access ports on the East Coast. Because of that there is a tremendous amount of Ship and Military Traffic. We get so fixated on Tuna Fishing we drive right by this stuff sometimes without taking it all in. Some of you may have also heard about the Port Closure due to a forklift operator puncturing containers of pentaerythritol tetranitrate, or PETN. That’s the same substance that a Nigerian man used in an attempted attack on a flight to Detroit on Christmas Day. The local officials closed down the entire town; we could not get to our boats. Commercial fishermen that were staying on their boats were forced to evacuate and had nowhere to go. Some of the guys that did fish that day were not allowed back to the slips in our marina and the inlet was shut down as well.

A friend, Wade on the “Tucan” anchored up outside for the night without a generator or heat. When he got back to the dock he was interviewed by the local news Channel 11.They were surprised to learn this was the same Wade that had his boat catch on fire offshore last year and he spent the night in the 49 degree water with his survival suit on. His comment to the reporter was “Last night wasn’t so bad, I was on a good boat afloat, sure beats being in 49 degree water all night”

We also see several Navy Ships leaving Port. They turn around in 24 hrs or less, they load thousands of troops and heavy equipment. They run across the Atlantic in five days unload in 24 hrs and return here.(See photos)

The other day when we were fishing offshore we saw a Navy Ship come into port. It’s something to see them travel at 30+ knots! Then shortly after that we saw an Aircraft Carrier come through the fleet; those things are huge! When we got back to the Inlet you could see the Tugs pushing the Aircraft Carrier in reverse towards the Port. It looked like the entire town was moving and this is not the largest aircraft carrier made. We learned from Barry Everhart Coast Guard/Homeland Security that these two vessels were being loaded with troops, Helicopters, and earth moving equipment and on their way to Haiti to provide help and aid .The security was thick in the area. To get to our slip we needed to go right alongside these ships. There were platforms on the side of the aircraft carrier where a few troops stood guard.

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Capt Keith