2010-01-18 - Captain Keith's Weekly Recap for MHC
1/16/10 We left the dock at 4:10Am feeling pretty good today. A few fish finally showed up as there were six or seven bites yesterday. It seemed like things once again were shaping up. We went back towards the R14 Buoy looking for the break. On the ride out we came across the break on the 10 fathom line, about 3 miles inshore of where it was Friday. The conditions were slick calm. We marked decent bait and ground fish working a few live bottom areas. Around 8:00am there was a report of a bite hopefully it was going to start. With it being a nice weekend day there were plenty of boats out and there was real good coverage. We worked offshore into 90 to 100’ of water again finding large pods of bait (photos attached) We came across a well defined tight 9 degree temp break in a ¼ mile and color change. If you look closely at the attached photo you can see the color change just past the boat pictured in the center. The water was ripped up and it went from blue to green as you could see it from a mile away. It all looked right however the fish caught earlier was the only one confirmed for the fleet today. The weather is going to be bad until Monday Night as we plan to fish Tues, Wed, Thurs. The long range forecast shows some weather coming in Friday. Hopefully the wind direction change will help us out.

One more bite would be nice.

Capt Keith

48' Ocean Yacht