2010-01-18 - Morehead City, NC Bluefin Report - Weekly Recap

Well, here we are with two weeks left in the season in Morehead City and it has not been the January we all have hoped for. For January the highest fish day so far has been three with at least ten days of none at all. Portside Marina which gets a good number of the fish to pack out has only had 7 this month. Thankfully, however, Keith and  John on Justified has had two of them putting him at high hook in the fleet for January.

We have seen some positive things in the past few days with the 8 degree break pushing inshore of the 14 buoy with a good bit of bait scattered pretty much everywhere. Porpoises, whales and albacore have been pretty much everywhere and we all feel it has a good chance of turning on any day. The fish caught in the past week have been a lot larger than the January fish with most being in the 95 to 109 inch area. One fish caught by the Nighthawk cored out at 580 lbs, nice job guys.

After laying for about 7 days Keith decided to fish on Friday and was rewarded with a 93 inch fish with a core of 388. I believe there was 3 caught on Friday. We all headed out on Saturday with a positive outlook but with slick calm seas it just wasn’t to be with only one fish coming to port.

We are looking forward to the next two weeks here and are pretty positive moving forward. We are going to give it our best to finish strong here in Morehead. To date we fell very fortunate to have landed 3 fish each for the Low Profile and Justified. Congrats to Keith and John for having an excellent January with subpar fishing!!

Captain Joe Trainor

Audio Fishing Report Recap