2010-01-04 - Holiday Fort Lauderdale report

Holiday Sailfish and Swordfish!

Well sailfishing has been spotty up and down the South Florida Coast. We have had some good days and some really slow days.We had a good day today where we went 3/5 on sailfish just north of Ft. Lauderdale. Yesterday we made a quick run to the Bahamas and caught some nice Mahi Mahi and a few Wahoo. A few days ago we had 2 good trips where we caught lots of Mahi Mahi and quite a few sails! With the cold weather we are having now and the strong north winds we are expecting to have a great week this week! There should be lots of sailfish around and the tarpon should start to show up also!

We did 1 swordfish trip last week and had 4 bites landing 1 fish around 90lbs. Looks like they are finally starting to bite also! The night time and day time bite has been really strong with some really big fish being caught. I am looking forward to this week!

Stay Tuned!
Joe McGivern