2009-12-29 - Rum Cay Bahamas Fishing Report
Got this in from Brian out in Rum Cay. He is fishing a 32' Mirage out of Rum Cay Full Time.

Fished today, yesterday and sat as well as mon last week, today caught a wahoo dolphin and tuna, missed 3 big fish, i think 2 large tuna and one large wahoo, they came off on the bite, yesterday the fish were biting hard for a couple hours in the afternoon caught 3 wahoo 3 dolphin and 3 tuna had at least that many bites had 4 dolphin on at once, missed them all, nolarge dolphin any day. sat cught 50 lb tuna 3 dolphin and 1wahoo and missed a big wahoo it was pretty windy sat and sun but not to much to fish, beautiful today just some rollers. Mon last week samething 2 tuna, 2dolphin not large 2 wahoo and had 80+ lb to boat and spit the hook. too windy rest of the week, happy new year, Brian