2009-12-13 - Low Profile nails not one but two Giants this weekend!!
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Low Profile Nails not one but two Giants this weekend!

Report from Friday:

This was our 5 th day of fishing and it has been off to a slower start than normal. In the past few days fishing has picked up however, with a few caught the past 2 times out. Well today was our turn as we came tight at about nine. It was a long rigger bite with a custom Joe Schute head with a crystal and mylar skirt. We made very quick work of the fish boating it in 8 minutes. Todays fish measured out at 82 inches . The season is now in full swing as there was at least a half dozen bites. Back at it tomorrrow, hope we catch another. Mates Joe Bonvetti and Johnny Kauterman were great in the pit today as we had to cut some lines as the fish came in so quickly. 

Captain Joe's report from Saturday:

Well we feel very lucky as of late as yesterday we had a bite at 9 and today was 930 that we came tight. Today we had the bight on a planer with a 3 oz joe schute pink head with a pink skirt. Todays fish was a little more feisty around the boat and we had a dart in him in 30 minutes. Joe schutes lures continue to be some of our very best. Todays bite was about a 3/4 mile from yesterdays. Water had cooled however from yesterdays 63 to 59.6 today in the same area. Here are some pics . Looks like a blow day tomorrow.