2009-11-29 - Mirage 32 - "Open Flybridge Design" - Project Update

Mirage 32 "Open" Flybridge Dayboat"

Project Update - November, 2009

It's been quite some time since we updated everyone on the new Mirage 32 we are putting into production. The first thing we need to point out is that this is NOT a traditional "Flybridge" boat. Quite the contrary. Look close at the renderings and photos below and you will see that this is much more like an express layout, minus the tower, plus a flybridge.

The whole concept behind this boat, is a dual station boat, allowing for single person operations, while still providing for exceptional visibility when conditions and crew allow. The cockpit is flush from the oversized transom livewell/fish box all the way to the forward cabin door, and there is no rear bulkhead. Instead you have great mezzanine seating, and a very large, comfortable, and protected lounging area for you crew, guests, kids, or whoever happens to be on board that day. The revolutionary VOLVO IPS propulsion system is being installed in this first version, but twin outboards, twin inboard diesel, or even single diesel are all available power options. The various power options each change the layout slightly and have their tradeoffs and benefits, of course. In conjunction with Volvo, we've estimated a top speed of 47 mph, while cruising 35, getting almost 2 mpg.

For More Information: www.MirageSportfish.com

To Download the Mirage 32 Brochure - Mirage 32 Brochure

Mirage 32 Rendering
Mirage 32 Flybridge Mirage 32 Flybridge Mirage 32 Flybridge
Flybridge Plug
Open House Design
Volvo IPS Installation