2009-11-29 - Bahamas WAHOO Fishing - BITE IS GOING OFF!

Bahamas Wahoo Fishing Report - BITE IS GOING OFF!

So we have some good news and some bad news. First the bad news. This is a second hand report, and the OVER UNDER is not yet getting in on the action. Now the good news. This should be one of the last second hand reports you will have to hear from us, as OU is likely to leave late next week for the Bahamas, where it will spend the next nine months. Now the really good news. This is a quote from a long time Bahamas fisherman and friend of ours, Jeff Scannelli, who owns and operates a top notch sportfish out of Treasure Cay. The following post appeared on www.Sportfishermen.com

"EPIC BAHAMAS WAHOO BITE: just so you all know the wahoo bite here in treasure cay is epic right now!! going out on the tide and catching 10 to 15 fish to 80 pounds. it is as good as i have seen here in over 20 years, they are eating everything from plugs to ballyhoo! skyrocketing out of the water like billfish! now is the time to get in on this as the weather is great and the fish are snapping!"

- Jeff Scannelli, APRIL FOOL

Then just a couple days later, I received a phone call from Brian MacKay, along with a couple emails and photos to back it up. Brian is another quite experienced Bahamas Fisherman, that now lives in Rum Cay. It just so happens, that Brian is fishing my own personal 32' Mirage which I bought back in 1998. Brian took it off my hands a few years ago and put it back into prime time condition and has been wearing the bottom paint off her quite a bit. It's great to see that boat doing such good things again. I think it was two summers ago, Brian emailed me with a similar Blue Marlin report, catching like 4-6 a day during July. Anyway...back to Wahoo. Brian said the bigger wahoo are definitely on the prowl. You'll see a couple pictures of 50-80 pound wahoo that they got to the boat, and one that they got most of! Like happens so often out there, "The Big One Got Away" yet again. Stories of almost being dumped, long battles, straightened hooks, and I'm sure you are getting the picture. How long will it be till the world record Wahoo comes from this area of Rum, Cat, & San Salvador? If it wasn't for the all too healthy local population of white tip sharks, I would venture a guess that the record would currently be in the books for the South East Bahamas. As it is, you often can only wonder, "just how big that fish might have been".

The fishing is great, the weather still quite good, so if you want to go Wahoo Fishing this winter, please don't wait. Most people think you need to wait until January and February. Honestly, the only thing that happens in January and February is that the cold fronts become more frequent and the weather more difficult. The fishing is going off right now and the weather has been drop dead gorgeous. Tough to beat!

Tight Lines,