2005-05-22 - May 21st - Cat Island Bahamas Fishing Report
Just a quick report on the last few days of fishing. Finishing up a 3 1/2 day trip on Friday, our last group caught approximately 30 dolphin, 5 yellowfin, and a longbill spearfish. On the billfish front, the group also pulled the hooks on 2 blue marlin, a sailfish, and a white marlin. Yesterday, a new group was 1-4 on yellowfin. One of the fish lost at the boat was estimated 70#, which is a large yellowfin for these parts. They went 1-2 on white marlin, and kept 4 dolphin. The nubmers of white marlin and sailfish raised continue to outnumber blue marlin shots, which is unusual. We'll see if the blue marlin bite turns on a bit more as the water continues to warm up.