2005-05-18 - Cat Island Bahamas - May 2005 Report
Both the dolphin fishing and the billfishing have continued to be fairly consistent and good in Cat Island. At times, there are so many 20-30# dolphin around that we've literally had to pull in all the hooked baits and pull just teasers. I looked down from the tower last week to see the entire sea filled with green...must have been 200 dolphin around the boat. Billfish continue to come into the spread with regularity, but still not in the numbers that peak season should bring later this month and into June. There are also an unusually greater number of white marlin and sailfish being raised, to Blue Marlin. This has made the targeting Blue Marlin a bit difficult. Typically Blue Marlin are the dominant billfish in these parts. The tuna have been more sporadic and have not held in great numbers. In fact a 25# tuna took the money in the recent Hawks Nest Billfish tournament, which is not terribly impressive at all. A week ago, the OVER UNDER went 3-11 on yellowfin from 30-50#s (sharks got the rest), but as soon as they arrived they vanished again. In that same weekend, we went 4-6 on sailfish, catching a triple header...hats off to the crew and charter for pulling that one off. The OVER UNDER put in an impressive showing in the billfish tournament this past week, going into the final day tied on points for the money. Unfortunately, we failed to catch either of the two Blues (neither one decided to eat) that we raised on the last day..either of which would have given us the top spot.