2005-05-07 - April-May 2005 Bahamas Fishing Report
After one of the slowest winters and early springs anyone can remember, the fishing has definitely taken major turn for the better. We are now back to catching a lot of dolphin on a daily basis, having plenty of tuna busting around, and seeing billfish consistently. Yesterday's catch was 7 dolphin, 3 yellowfin, broke off two sailfish, and lost another 8 yellowfin to sharks...now that's the type of fishing we expect at Cat Island. Over the next week, the Hawks Nest Marina will fill to capacity as boats gather for the annual Hawks Nest Billfish Tournament. There will be approximately 30 boats competing in the event, which is a fish 3 out of 4 day tournament, with calcutta's for billfish release points, biggest tuna, dolphin, and wahoo. This will provide a real good indication as to the # of Marlin that are really around right now. On the Over Under we've been seeing them regularly and have release 4 or 5 so far this year.