2009-08-26 - Billfish and Yellowfin on 46 Hour NJ Canyon Trip

Billfish & Yellowfin on 46 Hour NJ Canyon Trip

The following report is based on Captain Joe's Audio Report...

We headed out of Avalon Pointe Marina at 2pm arriving at Tom's around 5pm on Monday. It started off slow trolling overnight with two tuna bites on the East Wall of the Tom's along with a couple of Hammerheads and a 150lb swordfish that was mixed in with the bait and not wanting any part of ours so we had no luck with him.

We then headed down to the 830-840 line all day yesterday and that was full of life. We saw 12 billfish including two blue marlin and ten whites. The tunas were mixed in with the billfish and were up on the surface throughout the day as we managed to get about a dozen of them in the 60-70lb range. Real nice. The tunas were at 80-100 fathoms and the billfish at the 90-110 fathoms.

An odd note, we caught a barracuda yesterday in the 79.8 degree blue water....weird.