2005-03-18 - Crooked Island/Diana Bank Fishing Report - March 17, 2005
The OVER UNDER ran a road trip this past week, and ventured off to Rum Cay. From Rum, we fished down to Crooked Island and eventually the Diana Bank. In total, we were gone 3 days. To our pleasure we found warmer water (3 degrees) in these southern parts. The waters around Crooked Island and the Diana Bank were loaded with bait and life, but the bite was still fairly slow. We had one of the best Wahoo bites I can remember on particular morning, going 4-9 on Wahoo weighing 52,57,60 and 77 pounds. The action, while it lasted was fast and furious. We had numerous bites on Ray's Blue Water, TB2 in Green and Black again, the same lure we caught the 148 pound hoo on a couple weeks ago. Our Yozuri plug was getting hit pretty hard too, as was the hoo-knob, made by Pro-Fish. We had one Blue Marlin crash a teaser, but couldn't get a bait to it, and caught a smaller Wahoo the second day at the Bank. We anchored on the leeward side of Long Cay, just south of Crooked, where we free dove in the afternoon, finding a nice variety of mutton snapper, hog fish, grouper, lobster, and conch. At night we chummed up all the yellowtails you wanted and picked a few muttons. The run to the Bank in the morning was just under an hour. We pulled the hook around 4:30 am, so we were on the Bank at Day Break. A great time was had by all, and we are looking forward to more of these trips in June. The OVER UNDER will be fishing out of Rum Cay for the next week, before we head back to Hawks Nest on Cat Island.