2009-07-15 - Unbelievable 46 Hour Double Overnighter - New Jersey

Low Profile has an unbelievable 46 hour double overnighter!!

3 Bluemarlin, 1 whitemarlin, 8 nice yellowfin and a bonus 80# bluefin


LOW PROFILE just got back from one of its best trips in a long time.  Captain Joe will have all the details later on after he takes a little siesta, but the quick recap is eight 40-50 pound yellowfin, an 80 pound bluefin, 3 blue marlin releases, from 175-350 lbs or so, a white marlin release and a few dolphin to top it off.  WOW! Nice Trip.

We have an 46 hour open boat trip scheduled for next week with spots still available at $800/person. Get in while the bite is hot!!!

Check out Captain Joe's audio report on this trip - NJ Fishing Report