2009-07-12 - Bluefin Tuna Fishing Report
Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Todays bluefin tuna trip out of New Jersey, just didn't match up to our expectations. After a pretty solid week of inshore bluefin tuna action, we rolled out at 230am hoping to capitalize on a daybreak bite, that never materialized. In fact, our lone tuna bite came at about 1230, as our day was coming to and end. We managed to boat the 40 pounder and everyone was happy to get atleast one tuna on the trip, but we had all anticipated much more action. Maybe it was the calm weather, the weekend boat traffic, or an approaching front that turned them off, who knows. We fished the 19 fathom lump and all the bumps and lumps between there and Massey's canyon. We got our bite on the north tip of Massey's although the bait was plentiful at the 19 fathom lump once again. We added a dolphin to the box and that was our day. The weather was great and it was a beautiful day on the water, but boy woulkd we have liked to have been a bit more productive. From what we gathered, there was a bit of a bite that started around 11am, and if you were on top of the fish, you had a few shots. Other than that, it was a slow pick of fish here and there all day long. Decent reports continue to come in from off of VA, so there are still more fish coming our way. It also seems that at least some fish have settled into some of the northern spots like the Lobster Claw.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Trey