2009-07-04 - Lots of fun this week
Another wild week in Ocean City!! The days have not been as easy as last week but still productive. We spent all week between the South Poormans and the Washington. All trolling did try a little jigging this week but had no luck. We worked mostly between the 90 fathom and 200 fathom, consintrating in 120 fathoms. The water was pushing very hard to the South by the end of the week; sure the moon has something to do with that. Again all spreader bar and ballyhoo bites. Bait has become had to find out in the deeper waters; however the amount of bait inside of 45 fathoms is well let̢۪s say very plentiful!! To bad there̢۪s nothing inside feeding on it, we have tried and tried. We managed to catch some throw backs maybe 4 to10 a day along with several Mahi and anywhere from as little as 1 to as many as 6 nice keepers average about 45 pounds. The water temps varied during the week but mostly we found ourselves in about 70 degrees all week. Our high light of the week was during our makeup trip, a lunker Blue Marlin, lots of fun put on a great show. Ate a long rigger, ballyhoo with a sea witch, go figure. The inshore report at this point is dull to say the least, seems the fish are still held up about 70 miles or so down the beach. There has been a few larger fish caught to the southern and one here and there out front for us, areas like the fingers, Massey̢۪s, Hambone, 19 lump but nothing to get worked up about, YET. This week I will be spending a fair amount of time inside looking. We have a good blow day coming on Monday so I hope this will stir the pot so to speak.